The Waterpark is closed now! 

It is by far the most popular water park on the island of Crete, for twenty years now it offers great fun and good service to more than 100.000 satisfied clients per year. The water park offers from than 50 different slides, games and facilities.

Plan your event. Planning to give a party? Would you like to organize a special event like a zumba party or a Yoga gathering? Or you just want to offer to your child the best birthday party ever? We also provide incentives for groups and schools visiting the park for fun and a great experience.For more information about hosting your event or birthday party at Acqua Plus Water Park, contact us at Loggia Travel.

Tickets / Transfers / Extras This is your one stop hop for all of the above services. Choose your ticket, your transfer and your happy meal to complete your order with a discount coupon (summer 2018) from our agency here!

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