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As the summer season 2018 has officially ended, please inquire for availability and pricing on any request you may wish for your own private tour through our agency.

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Cretan Cooking Lessons

All the food and taste lovers should join our Cretan cooking lessons!

This tour can be done within the area of Heraklion or Rethymnon , in lovely environments by local chefs which carry the tradition of food from the old days unharmed!

All dishes are made with pure Cretan products such as olive oil, vegetables, cheese, meat, wine, etc. and of course all the ingredients are fresh and local. In addition, useful information about the herbs, olive oil and other ingredients used, is given together with explanations about their nutritional value and ways of use as was passed from generation to generation.

After cooking you will eat all together the “creations” enjoying your efforts and craft with local wine and bread, Greek music and …food stories.

So, all food and taste lovers… Join us and you will not regret it!!                                                     

Price: 45,00€ per person

Contact form: https://goo.gl/1AemJH  or K.+30 6951830827