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As the summer season 2018 has officially ended, please inquire for availability and pricing on any request you may wish for your own private tour through our agency.

Loggia Travel Excursion Department.

Bareboat Chartering

Loggia Travel gives you the opportunity to charter a bareboat yacht and sail around the ocean on your own. You can just anchor at any Island you choose.

You can hire a motor or sailing yacht for up to 10-12 people or even book a larger yacht for 30-50 on sailing holidays in Greece. An intimate group of a few friends with a cruise to the Greek Islands can be the trip of your life. You can set your own itinerary and time tables, and you can also change it as you go. Sleeping onboard the yacht, avoids packing and unpacking when you get to a new Island.

There are three different options for bare-boat chartering (Yachts without permanent crew).

Family and Friends

Enjoy the fascinating experience of sailing around the Greek islands on your own boat. Treat yourself to a unique sense of freedom and privacy and to a great opportunity to share with your family and friends the picturesque beauty of the Greek islands.

All you need for chartering a bare-boat in Greece is a sailing license (issued by any sailing school or sailing club worldwide) and to establish contact with our company, in order το choose the mono-hull or Catamaran of your preference from our own fleet, always at the most competitive prices.

Our yachts undergo a yearly inspection by the Hellenic Register of Shipping and are equipped with all the necessary safety and navigation equipment. Additionally, they are fully insured against any damage and third party liability.

In the event that you do not hold a sailing certificate, you may still plan your exciting sailing holidays. Our company is able to provide you, at an extra charge, a professional skipper with great experience at the Greek waters and all the local weather patterns.

Cabin & Berth

If your dream is to sail around the Greek islands, but you are travelling alone, or even as a couple, and you cannot afford the expenses of chartering your own boat, we are able to make your dream come true!

Our company now gives you the opportunity, to charter only a berth or a cabin (with two berths) in one of our sailing boats or Catamarans, which sail with our professional skippers around the most beautiful Greek islands, following particular itineraries, and on scheduled departure dates.

Our yachts undergo yearly inspection by the Hellenic Register of Shipping and are equipped with all the necessary safety and navigation equipment. Additionally they are fully insured against any damage and third part liability.

Just let us know the number of persons in your party (one or more) and the sailing period of time that interests you, and we will let you know the soonest possible, the nearest date and all the details concerning the availability in berths or cabins, at the time of your inquiry.

Individual travellers usually share a cabin with other travellers of the same sex. Needless to say this depends on the accommodation availability on board.

Although sharing a boat with strangers might sound “risky”, please keep in mind that all travellers who share interests such as love for sailing, love and respect of nature, conquest of beauty and appreciation of adventure, most likely and most importantly, possess a great sense of respect for their fellow travellers.

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This is the ideal way for a big group of people with the same interests (Universities, Sailing Schools, companies etc) to sail together following the same itinerary, but also to enjoy  their privacy, as they are divided in smaller groups and sail with similar-size boats.

Gulet Cruises

For those who are not familiar with a gullet, it is the design of Turkey’s indigenous sea-going vessel, which blends practicality and tradition in a relaxed style.
Gulets are fitted out with all kinds of comfort and equipment and provide relaxing and memorable vacations for all guests. We can arrange charters and fixed tours for a specific group or for you individually. Unlike cruises on large ocean liners, on a gulet you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline.
Blue cruising on board a gullet is done along the southwestern coasts of Turkey which we also name the “Turquoise Coast”. The coastline is really famous with the beauty of its numerous hidden bays and gulfs.
There would be two options while chartering a gulet in Turkey. Cabin only charters or private gulet charters:
Cabin only charters are for those who do not want to charter a whole gullet privately. Only cabins are chartered while onboard. These charters depart only on fixed days of the week, with fixed itineraries. You travel on those standard gulets with other people of mixed nationalities and ages.

Our Golden Offers

The latter, private charters are mostly recommended for customized traveling, as they give the clients the opportunity of deciding on their own itinerary, meal options and gulet details and allow them to have the boat for their own disposal.
Modern gulets are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities of home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself. Gulets include comfortable cabins, shower, WC, mainly air-condition (some cabin charters do not offer air-co), living room and sun terrace.
Our captain and crew are distinguished for their skill and experience on water, yacht handling and navigation and for their ability to provide high quality service, comfort and guest satisfaction.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for availability and prices. We look forward to getting the chance to serve you on board for a unique and memorable experience.

There are two flotilla options, we can organize for you:

  1. You may have your own skippers in the group (one skipper with a sailing license, is required in each boat) and you may plan your own itinerary, as well. In this case, we provide you the boats of your preference, all the advice necessary and information concerning the places you plan to visit and, of course, technical support during your trip.
  2. You may have neither the experienced skippers in your group, nor a particular itinerary of places worth visiting. In this case, we can provide you not only the most suitable boats, but also experienced skippers in each boat (at an extra charge), as well as a recommended itinerary which includes the top destinations and attractions all over the Greek islands, that you can visit during your sailing trip. Needless to say conforming with an itinerary depends on the weather, in which case your skipper is responsible for choosing the best sailing route, with your safety and comfort in mind.

Crewed Chartering

Our Crewed Yachts are divided in four major categories:√ Motor Yachts

√ Motor Sailers

√ Sailing Yachts

√ Gulet Cruises

If you’d like some extra comfort and luxury during your holidays, we highly recommend that you treat yourself to one of our Crewed Yachts (Yachts with permanent crew).

You will enjoy 5 star atmosphere and facilities on-board, as well as professional services by a highly trained crew. Feel free to plan your itinerary or let your experienced captain and crew be your guides in a majestic journey around the Greek islands.

Here you may see indicatively the entire fleet, available at the Turkish coasts, for crewed chartering: GuestListings

For further information on your custom made yacht or boat tour please contact us at our agency through our CONTACT FORM  for more details or call an expert on our Land line: +302831021042 or Mobile:+30 6951830827.